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In article <9203042247.AA28749 at alize.ERE.UMontreal.CA>, coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA (Coady Michael) writes:
>Gidday all.
>	Does anybody know of any FTP sites for anti-michelangelo virus
>software?  I tried Archie, and he told me about a brief document available
>on the virus, but no software to get rid of the virus.  So I guess
>there's nothing out there, but now is a good time to ask.
>Mike Coady

The anonymous FTP site, "FTP.BCHS.UH.EDU", in the /pub/gene-server/dos 
directory you'll find: 

The vshld86b.uue program supposedly protects your computer from loading 
files/executable files that contain viruses on them, as opposed to just 
scanning (vscan86b.uue) your disks/drives to find out if there are already
any viruses there.  You'll need to also get uudecode.com to first
de-code the .uue file (giving you a .zip file), then use pk361.exe to un-
zip the compressed .zip file (or something close to that). When you
explode the vshld86b.zip file you should get a host of files, including 
documentation for the vshld86b program (it's a newer version over the 
vshld85.zip program that is also in the directory).  The 
uudecode.doc gives some info on how to use uudecode.com.

Hope you can benefit from the time I've already put in to figure this out.
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