EPD files

Thu Mar 5 05:24:00 EST 1992

Dan Jacobson said:

>It was just stated that the EPD release from genbank has no sequences so
>one can't reformat it to GCG or any other sequence format.  This came as a

  I would like to point out that my posting made it clear I was referring to
  EMBL29, not Genbank. The original question was:

>>> I am trying to change the eukaryotic promoter database (epd29.seq)
>>> from a FASTA format to a GCG format so GCG can perform FASTA
>>> searches.

My reply began:

>The EPD.DAT file distributed by EMBL does not contain sequence information
>at all. So it cannot be "formatted" for GCG.

As Dan says:

>Well just a simple file confusion - yes there is an EPD file which doesn't
>list the sequences HOWEVER the original discussion revolved around edp29.dat
> ... which is on the NCBI ftp server

I apologise for any confusion - the original discussion didn't mention NCBI
specifically. The European perspective ** and all that...... I just noted the
same question repeated two days in a row. The only EPD29 that came to mind
was the EMBL one, so I looked at that for an answer.

>them there files :-).  Thus there's no need for the complicated extraction
>that todays poster mentioned.

It's not that complicated :-)


**(one being we usually, yes usually, get BB ANSWERING mails before we get
   the QUESTION, which is confusing enough. The recent BIO-FORUM debate
   has been nigh impossible to follow from here)

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