HIDEW at SIMSC.bitnet HIDEW at SIMSC.bitnet
Fri Mar 6 17:03:00 EST 1992

To those who are following reviews of Geneworks:

I have been most remiss in several staements written in error!
I am posting a correction to points I made in a quick review of Geneworks
recently on this board. I apologise to those who have been involved
in the Geneworks project.

Below is the text of a note sent by someone who really knows what's going on!
1) Geneworks is not writen in Basic but in MacApp (Object oriented Pascal).
2) Its not the product of a corporation but of a single programmer: Manuel
   Glyjnas which has sold the commercial right to IG (like I did for PC/Gene).
3) It does not show disulfide bridges on a PIR entry as the program does not
   work with PIR, but with SWISS-PROT and it makes use of all the goodies
   that are provided in the SWISS-PROT feature tables.

Best regards
Amos Bairoch

Win Hide
Laboratory of Molecular Systematics
Smithsonian Institution
Washington DC.

PS: Has anyone used GW for assembling fragments?

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