GCG graphics and KERMIT

Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg
Thu Mar 19 05:54:53 EST 1992

Some time ago, I read postings by Rob Harper and others discussing
the ways of viewing GCG graphics using KERMIT (which is free) and
SMARTERM.   Having just taken delivery of GCG vn 7 unix lately,
my colleague and I have been sweating blood to get our networked
PCs to display GCG graphics on the screen.

Using MSKERMIT with 3com503 packet driver for a ethernet card,
we got passable graphics when we logged on to our UNIX and
executed a pepplot program.  That was for my colleague Derek's
terminal which uses a 3com card.

I have the "misfortune?" of having a HPethertwist card and every
time I use MS-kermit to connect, I get ARP errors or whatever.
So I try other packet drivers but no luck.  Does any one know
where I can get a packet driver for a HPethertwist card which
will work with MS-KERMIT 3.11 which supports TCP/IP and emulates
tektronix 4014?

I am resorting to directing GCG plots to a file, file transfer
that to my PC and then, using MS-KERMIT to do a replay gcg.plot
to view the graphics, then get out of kermit. TNVT to my UNIX
account, change parameters and plot to a file and repeat the 
tedious cycle.


Tin Wee.

    Tin Wee TAN, PhD.             /  INTERNET: bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg
    Dept of Biochemistry          /  BITNET:   BCHTANTW at NUSVM
    National Univ. of Singapore   /  Tel:      772-3678
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