Peter Hakenberg NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET
Tue Mar 24 08:29:39 EST 1992

thx for all the answers..
seams I should first RTFM
here is the solution:
1) use <COMAND><SHIFT><3> --> pict-file of screen in root-dir
2) activate GEL-Window, use COPY-OPtion in the edit-menu an
   PASTE THE Picture in the scrapbook.
   This works fine, and I can now analyse gel-images with
   This is good for using the Sequencer for analysing families
   with tandemrepeats. Also we want to do some RAPD analysis.

BTW: It seems to me that for this non-sequencing-applications
     we should better use the ALF???? (i.e. better conditions of
     electrophoresis) Are there any ALF-User out there working
     on such non-sequencing applications?

thx pi (Peter Hakenberg)

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