Unpacking a .zoo

Mon Mar 23 13:53:33 EST 1992

> Date:       Mon, 23 Mar 92 12:31 EST
> From:       William_D_WARREN at umail.umd.edu (ww40)
> Subject:    Unpacking a .zoo
> To:         bio-software at genbank.bio.net

> Sorry if this is a really trivial thing but
> could someone tell me how I can unpack a
> .zoo file that I have FTPed to our VAX. 
> I tried to use zoo.exe that I also FTPed
> but it wouldn't respond to the commands
> correctly.
> thanks

BIONET comes through again.....  Thanks to all those
who replied to the above posting -  Especially Tom Easton -
I now have my zoo and bilf and uudecode executables up and running...
Humm...maybe this computer stuff isn't quite as much black magic
as I thought....

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