Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 24 16:04:38 EST 1992

Peter Hakenberg has a solution to his  screendump question:
> here is the solution:
> 1) use <COMAND><SHIFT><3> --> pict-file of screen in root-dir
> 2) activate GEL-Window, use COPY-OPtion in the edit-menu an
>    PASTE THE Picture in the scrapbook.
>    This works fine, and I can now analyse gel-images with
>    NIH-image.
>    This is good for using the Sequencer for analysing families
>    with tandemrepeats. Also we want to do some RAPD analysis.
A more elegant alternative is the use of the excellent shareware
"CDEV" (or extension) utility called "Flashit". You can configure
this utility to capture all or only part of the screen image,
by default it will wait for you to drag the cursor over the part
you desire -- unless you depress the shift-lock key first which
will give you the entire window, and you have the choice of saving
it to the clipboard, the scrapbook, or to a document file of the
application of your choosing (e.g., NIH-Image), depending on
which user-selected key combination that you press. It is available
from the Sumex archives (
Hope this helps,
Doug Eernisse

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