Jonathan Burbaum burbaum at msdrl.com
Wed Mar 25 22:05:30 EST 1992

Peter Hakenberg <NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET> writes:
: I am not a mac-guru (say: mac is still a little bit new to me)
: I have got the gelreader-program.
: We have an ABI-Sequencer.
: Is there a program which can put images of the screen to a file
: (for gelreader) so that I can copy the gel-image to a file?
: should be PD
: bye pi (Peter Hakenberg)
        Use System 7!  The screen shot FKEY has returned in this new version
of the software (command-option-3), complete with a camera shutter sound.  The
sequence creates a TeachText PICT document, which can be used in a variety of
different programs, as well as printed.  Hope this helps...

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