Data acquisition from Dynatech plate reader

Thu Mar 26 12:19:27 EST 1992

> To:         bio-soft at genbank.bio.net
> From:       lobel at ocelot.RUTGERS.EDU
> Subject:    Data acquisition from Dynatech plate reader
> Date:       20 Mar 92 15:34:19 GMT

> Does anyone have an experience interfacing a dynatech MR600 microplate
> reader with Macs?  We would like use available software to do simple data
> acquisition.  Thanks, Peter Lobel  Lobel at MBCL.rutgers.edu
  Haven't seen an answer yet so ...
     A similar query appeared here a few months back, from the MS-DOS
  arena; one suggestion was to use the Kermit terminal emulator to receive
  data from a microplate reader.
     In Kermit for DOS, you would use 'log session filename' for raw
  ascii capture, ensuring that 'set flow-control' and/or 'set handshake'
  are appropriate for the sending device (the plate reader).
  I presume Kermit for Mac has identical or analogous commands.

  Hope this helps,

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