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Wed Mar 25 23:58:57 EST 1992

In article <9203240257.AA26755 at genbank.bio.net> CLARK at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU writes:
>/We have an ABI-Sequencer.
>/Is there a program which can put images of the screen to a file
>/(for gelreader) so that I can copy the gel-image to a file?

stuff deleted

>System 7 has this built in. Get your screen to display what you want, then
>type <command><option>3 (or maybe <command><shift>3; I don't remember

cmnd shift 3

>exactly). When successful, the Mac will make a loud "click" (like a 
>picture being taken) and create a file in your root folder called "picture1".
>Do it a second time and the picture will be called "picture2". These
>are in some standard format (pict?) that most drawing programs can deal with.
>Steve Clark

Sys 6 will also do this for you, but only in two bit (BW) mode.  Steve is
right about it being a PICT file, and most graphics programs will recognize
this format (open from within the application), if you are feeling adventurous
you could always use something like "Filetyper" to change the creator to the
application of your choice.

I've never used Gel reader, but I assume its output is in color....which is
one more reason to update to System 7.

happy dumpping 8-O 


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