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Mal Raff mal at cosmid.apldbio.com
Fri Mar 27 18:17:23 EST 1992

In article <92080.091936NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET>, Peter Hakenberg <NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET> writes...
>I am not a mac-guru (say: mac is still a little bit new to me)
>I have got the gelreader-program.
>We have an ABI-Sequencer.
>Is there a program which can put images of the screen to a file
>(for gelreader) so that I can copy the gel-image to a file?
>should be PD
>bye pi (Peter Hakenberg)

We have noted with curious interest the variety of methods net readers
have proposed to solve Peter's problem.  Although the solutions have
been variously classified (by their authors) as either 'NO_WAY' or 'in
the manual' or 'elegant', there are even simpler methods.  Here we use
one or more of those 'simpler' approaches.

Perhaps the simplest of the choices (for those who have the appropriate
software) is to select 'Print to PICT file' in the Print Dialog after
having selected 'Print' (in File menu) with the gel image in the front-
most window.  The resulting PICT file can be viewed with any of several
paint programs, or a word processor with an 'Insert File' feature (such
as Claris' MacWrite II(tm)), or by using System 7's Teach Text.

Another nearly-as-simple solution is to have another program running
into which one can directly paste a PICT, such as Claris' MacWrite II(tm).
Easy as One, Two, Three.....er, Four

		1.  Click gel window
		2.  'Copy'  in Edit Menu (or Command-C)
		3.  Select document window in receiving program
		4.  'Paste' in Edit Menu (or Command-V)

Note that these solutions do not require you to use 'questionable'
shareware (that might crash your system) and, at the minimum, do not
even require you to purchase any commercial software either.

Happy pasting......

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