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Peter Bell pmb2 at ellis.uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 30 01:17:17 EST 1992

In article <price.701927228 at helios.unl.edu> price at helios.unl.edu (Chad  Price) writes:
>donnel at helix.nih.gov (Donald A. Lehn) writes:

>>It is possible to search Medline via INternet.  However the pinheads
>>at the National Library of Medicine are only making network access
>>avaliable to the people on the NIH campus.  If you, like me, think that
>>this is stupid, drop them a note and tell them to open up the access
>>to the general scientific community.

>So what is the Internet address to mail the request to??
>price at helios.unl.edu

Typically, it works much better to dig out some letterhead and drop a line
on paper;  email is too easy, and many organizations discount it.  

I don't have the National Library of Medicine's surface mail address handy...

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