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In article <9203300300.AA27083 at genbank.bio.net> donnel at helix.nih.gov (Donald
A. Lehn) writes:
>It is possible to search Medline via INternet.  However the pinheads
>at the National Library of Medicine are only making network access
>avaliable to the people on the NIH campus.  If you, like me, think that
>this is stupid, drop them a note and tell them to open up the access
>to the general scientific community.

        It is my understanding that conscientious staff at the NLM/NCBI now
monitor the bionet newsgroups and will respond within these forums to
questions about their services (though how the questions are asked
understandably may influence the likelihood of a response).

        Our institution, and I imagine others as well, would appreciate some
advice on how to make the Medline Database available for searches by our users
in a maximally convenient and cost-effective way.  We currently have the
CD-ROM version available for searches via a PC in our library.  We also set up
a local Email request service such that user can ask the library to do a
search and return a printout of the results, but this is getting out of hand
w.r.t. demands on the library staffs' time.  Our library, and a few of our
users who have found the time to start becoming computer-literate, have also
set up modem access to search services.  What we'd like to do is make the
searches available to all users, directly from their office terminals, at
minimum or no personal cost.  Any suggestions on strategies for accomplising
this objective would be welcome.  (We have a VMS-based LAN/WAN; users log on
via VT's or VT emulators; we expect to get on the Internet later this year.)


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