Mon Jun 1 08:46:50 EST 1992

Chris Upton from alberta was complaining about OW3 with the Staden
package. I don't have the answer, but I did notice that GDE mentioned
that OW3 also gave it some problems. I would like to put on the X11
files and libraries on my Sparc machine, but I do not know what version to
put on? Several programs available to the molecular biologists have been
developed on X11R4 and I'm not sure that they will run/compile with
X11R5. I tried X11r5 with Chris Fields Gene Modeler and it did not work.
There is also the Staden package, OSP, TED, and GDE(I think) which were all
developed on R4. Is there someone in the know, who could advise on the version
to install? Does OW3 contain the X11R5 libraries/fonts?

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