Mac emulator on Atari

Wed Jun 3 00:53:39 EST 1992

/Hello Netters,
/We need to emulate a Mac program on an Atari computer. Does anyone know of
/a public domain, shareware, or not too expensive solution?
/Axel PN Themmen
/Erasmus University Rotterdam
/themmen at endov.fgg.eur.nl
Check out the "Spectre GCR", from Gadgets by Small. It's a hardware emulator, 
not very large, that plugs into the cartridge port. I have one and love it, 
but you need at least a meg of memory. Two megs would be much more 
comfortable, and 4 would be great. You also need a monochrome monitor.

	I don't know about distributors in Europe, but Gadgets by Small is 
located at #210-211 40 W. Littleton Blvd, Littleton, Colorado, USA 80120. 
(303) 791-6098; (303) 791-0253 (fax). Cost from the local Atari dealers in 
San Diego is about US$350 for everything.

	Hope this helps.

Steve Clark

clark at salk-sc2.sdsc.edu  (Internet)
clark at salk               (Bitnet)

Disclaimer: I have nothing whatsoever to do with Atari Corp. or Gadgets 
by Small, other than as a satisfied user of their products.

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