How do you decode MALIGNED on VMS?

Thu Jun 4 08:07:14 EST 1992

	This is probably a really trivial problem which anyone with two
neurons and a synapse could figure out, but....
	I recently obtained a copy of MALIGNED_V1_65B.UUE which I need to
decode. My understanding is that this is supposed to produce something
called a .ZOO file which then needs to be unZOOed. Therefore I also scarfed
copies of a program called ZOO-VMS.UUE and of one called UUD.C. UUD.C
compiled fine. I put a line in my login file:
	$UUD:==$RUN {directory stuff}UUD
So far, no problem. Issuing the comand
results in a little help screen for an "almost foolproof" program listing
several command line options. However, if I try to place arguments on the
command line:
	$UUD MALIGNED.UUE   (or $UUD anything else)
I get the message:

%DCL-W-MAXPARM,too many parameters-reenter command with fewer parameters
I am stymied at this point and would appreciate any input from someone who
actually knows what the heck he is doing (unlike myself).

Thanks in advance,
Mike Ready
   | Dr. Michael P. Ready                     | READY at UTBC01.CM.UTEXAS.EDU |
   | Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute | Phone: (512)471-3625       |
   | University of Texas                      | FAX:   (512)471-8696       |
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