David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Thu Jun 4 14:07:14 EST 1992

> 1) What kind of expiration periods are common?  

> 2) How much disk space is used by a typical usenet site?  (I assume
> we'd not be subscribing to many of the groups, (.alt, etc?) but since
> I've never seen usenet, I'm not sure what's out there or what the
> volume is.)


	In many respects this is a non-issue because your system
people can set the expiration period for individual newsgroups to
whatever they wish.  During 1991 the bionet groups (excluding the
genbank.updates group) received on average about 20 messages a day.  I
wouldn't be surprised if this has increased by another 50% during the
first half of 1992, but the point is that this is still less than the
number of private e-mail messages that I get during the course of a
day in my personal mail file (nonetheless it would annoy me to mix all
of that in with mail that I must process in the course of my daily

	On GOS we save all bionet postings since the beginning of GOS
in 1989 and this amounts to about 64 Mb of disk space.  In the most
parsimonious mode you could just take the bionet heirarchy and expire
each group nightly (I'm not recommending this.).  Your usage would
probably be less than 100kb if you omitted the updates newsgroup.  If
disk space is an issue, there is no requirement for you to get any
other heirarchy except bionet and, furthermore, you needn't even take
all of the bionet newsgroups.  bionet.molbio.genbank.updates is far
and away the biggest user of disk space.

	However, if there are only one or two potential users on your
system that is probably the real issue to contend with.  Disk space be
just an excuse; it may be that the systems people just don't want to
set up the software for a couple of individuals.  If this is the case
you will probably have to interest more people in electronic
newsgroups at your site before you can get action.  Another
possibility would be to try to get an account on another machine that
you could telnet to and read news there.  Perhaps someone out in
netland might be able to assist you on a trial basis so that you can
at least see what news is like.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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