RE-Medline on CD-ROM?

David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Jun 9 11:26:39 EST 1992

Brian Osborne writes:
>I've heard that Medline articles/references have been released by
>the National Library of Medicine on CD-ROM.

Bill Kupiec writes:
>It's true.
>NCBI has developed an end-user CD-ROM called Entrez:Sequences that contains an
>integrated view of DNA and protein sequence data and their associated MEDLINE

I hope everyone understands that the Medline references on Entrez are
a *VERY* small subset of Medline; specifically references that have
something to do with DNA or proteins sequences.

One (1) year of the complete Medline will fill a CD all by itself.

I know of no free or even inexpensive way of getting Medline on
(multiple) CDs.  There are commercial sources (which I haven't kept
the references for) but they are quite expensive (4 figures).

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