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Tue Jun 9 13:28:30 EST 1992

David Steffen writes:

>I hope everyone understands that the Medline references on Entrez are
>a *VERY* small subset of Medline; specifically references that have
>something to do with DNA or proteins sequences.
>One (1) year of the complete Medline will fill a CD all by itself.
>I know of no free or even inexpensive way of getting Medline on
>(multiple) CDs.  There are commercial sources (which I haven't kept
>the references for) but they are quite expensive (4 figures).

Umm, last I checked on could get Greatful Med for ~$150 - $200 (per year) which
comes with a nice user interface for either PCs or Macs.  You use a modem
and tymnet or telenet to dial directly into the NLM and search to your
hearts content.  Thus it's a pretty cheap way to access Medline/NLM,
you don't have to worry about CDs or a CD reader, updates etc....
There have been rumors about making it available via the internet too
but I haven't heard the last word on that yet - I'm keeping my fingers

(Asbestos suit on) I know that the original request which started
this string was about CDs and thus David Steffen was correctly addressing
the CD question.  IMHO it seems that direct dial in is a better way to
access the references than a CD collection for the average scientist -
libraries may have different needs/opinions as to what is useful. 
(Asbestos suit off)

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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