Help: GUIs for remote databases

user name unknown noel at chpc.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 9 17:58:17 EST 1992

I have been trying to use the GDB/OMIM databases at the Welch Medical
Library at John Hopkins U.  The databases have a curses-like interface
right now which, IMHO, is not very easy to use.  Is there an X interface
to this database?  I am looking for some sort of interface that makes
reasonable use of the mouse attached to my workstation.  Right
now there seems to no convenient way to do things like saving the results of
a search to a file.  If I am wrong about any of this, please direct
me to some information.  I would prefer some real documentation
instead of how-to mail messages.

Alternatively, is there some sort of low-level interface to this
database over which one could build an X interface? 

Does anyone know of any other remote genetic databases that have a 
a graphical user interface?

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