Physiological measures of anxiety on the Macintosh ??

Nigel Walker nigel at notmendel.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jun 10 03:28:40 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun10.024108.2273 at newsroom.utas.edu.au> savage at postoffice.utas.edu.au (KATE SAVAGE) writes:
>Is anyone aware of equipment that can somehow be connected to the Mac to take
>physiological measures of arousal while doing another task on the Mac ?? 
>We're researching in the field of anxiety and computer assisted treatment
>thereof and would like to be able to use take autonomic measures to help
>assess the programme.

I've watched people using Mac's for along time now... and I swear that the
Mac can tell how anxious the opperator is: the faster the user's heart beat,
the slower the mac runs.  The greater the importance of the information, the
greater the likelyhood that the Mac will refuse to read it. And you want
to quantify this phenomenom?    


BTW: don't UNIX boxes cause far more anxiety?  {:-)

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