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In article <9206092231.AA21818 at temin.lanl.gov> pgil at TEMIN.LANL.GOV (Paul Gilna) writes:
>Yet look at the evidence we are facing today; the available servers are
>processing literally 1000's of queries per day, and this rate is
>climbing with no sign of abating, GenBank is already placing load

One of the objectives of the HGP is to develop the information processing
technologies needed to meet this demand.  Is that being discussed in any

>And I'll bet that's only a glimmer of what would happen if the entire Medline
>user community could suddenly dial or internet in to NLM!
> ....etc

>There's no blame to be laid here--everyone involved is doing a good job
>with the resources to hand--I believe we are seeing a natural evolution
>that will ultimately lead to the breakdown of centralised data
>distribution systems--user demand will outpace the system's capability
>to cope.

"Users" always treat their computer resources as INFINITE capacity machines.
I think it's a natural reaction to inanimate nature of computer boxes.
At least when you run an engine out of oil, a thrown rod is not easily
overlooked.  ;^)

> .... etc
>I believe that (at least in GenBank's experience), like it or not, only
>by decentralising the storage and CPU demands of data access can we
>hope to supply the demands of our user-base, and that that is where we
>must devote our energies--the trick will be to provide the same
>functionality, particularly rapid updating and speed of access, that
>today's centralised systems (so far) enjoy.

Do you feel that the "users" appreciate that necessity?
I look at the relative communications and computer illiteracy of many
scientists that I know and would answer my question in the negative.
Who will be the constituancy to champion this aspect of the HGP?


A thoughtful post, Paul.

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