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Wed Jun 10 05:12:18 EST 1992

David Steffen writes:
>I couldn't agree more!
>(1) Current CD Medline databases are expensive.
>(2) CDs are S L O W ! !
>(3) At 1 year/CD, that is alot of disc swapping.
>I should have made this point in my original post.
>David Steffen
>Department of Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX 77030
>Telephone = (713) 798-6655, FAX = (713) 790-0545
>Internet = steffen at bcm.tmc.edu
(1) Dialing from Europe to the States is expensive too.
(2) Dialing from Europe to the States is SLOW ! ! too
Due to the indexing used on CD's , the search is very fast, and the slow
access time of CD disks is nothing compared to sitting in front of a
terminal connected to a remote system, and waiting for your download to
be finished.
(3) CD's can be shared by placing the CD-server in a LAN. Compare this:
a) everybody in the lab gets (pays) an account to login to NLM.
The lab pays expensive phone bills for each search people make. People have
to design the search in advance to keep the costs of connection time down.
Although the DB is up to date, you cannot rerun a search often to keep
costs down.
b) The lab buys 1 CD. Everybody can access this CD over the LAN, refrase
searches, spend as many hours as desired. All at the same price.
In our Lab, we have BIOSIS on CD, banyan vines for LAN, and about 40 PC's
A 386 system as dedicated CD-server, with 5 CD-drives connected to it.
We share this server with the faculty library.
We do not see any degradation in performance when multiple search sessions
are running in parallel.
Jeroen Coppieters
Laboratorium voor Genetica
Universiteit Gent
Ledeganckstraat 35, B-9000 Gent (belgium)

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