Medline on CD-ROM?

Patricia Rodriguez-Tome pat at genethon.fr
Wed Jun 10 07:04:57 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun9.122645.10059 at klaava.Helsinki.FI>, Heikki.Lehvaslaiho at Helsinki.FI (Heikki Lehv{slaiho) writes:
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|> We estimated the costs of using on-line Medline from Karolinska Institute, Sweden 
|> (access though Internet which is free to users) versus one set CD-ROMs when 
|> there are five university departments with about 30 active users and 200 
|> potential users. (Most of the potential users were intimidated by the archaic 
|> user interface.) The costs of one Mac with four CD-ROM players and the disks is
|> less than half what these departments and individual researchers together were 
|> paying for the on-line alternative in a year. Next year we only have to 
|> update the disks which is again cheaper. That's a good enough reason for me.

I agree with these comments. Furthermore connections between Europe
 and the US are rather slow.
And for us, in France the access to internet is not free. 
I would prefer to install Medline on our system.

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