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Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at turbo.bio.net
Wed Jun 10 12:49:36 EST 1992

MCCAINKW at DUVM.BITNET (Kate) writes:
>The recent posting on MELVYL was accurate in part -- but hid some of the
>potentially useful possibilities involved in MELVYL access.  
>it is _ALSO_ a "campus-wide information system" that provides
>access to databases, etc -- but only to "local, approved"(with passwords) users
>from the relevant institutions.

Depends on the service.  They have a MEDLINE front-end that can be used as
long as your IP address shows you as coming from somewhere in the UC system.
So, if you use a GALEN terminal at UCSF or a GLADIS terminal at UCB (library
catalog terminals) you can use the MEDLINE gateway that way.  I think that if
you dial the terminal server at UCB (415 642 6092, then 'annex' and hit return
when it says 'connecting') and give melvyl as a hostname, you can use the
MEDLINE gateway.

However, the other services that MELVYL provides access to are queried using
the MELVYL query format, and results are output in that format.  This can
be problematic -- I ran a query for someone at the office who wanted all of
the papers that had come out of a certain medical school over the last n
months.  You can do that in straight MEDLINE, but the MELVYL interface
doesn't let you search by organizational affiliation of the authors of papers.
Must be an improvment. NOT.

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