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Gopher v1.0 for unix boxes is now available for anonymous ftp from
boombox.micro.umn.edu as /pub/gopher/Unix/gopher1.0.tar.Z

There are many changes and enhancements to this version.  Specifically
the file organization has changed quite drastically.  There are now
only two files to configure the whole thing.  Compilation should be as
easy as typing make on most systems.  Compiles cleanly on the
following systems with a minimum of fuss:

SunOS 4.1.2
AIX 3.1.7
ES/IX (mips)
A/UX (2.0 and 3.0)
IRIX 4.0

Configuration is more automatic than before, we really try and find
out what the system is like before.  Note that the HTML code in the
client is still not the hottest.  Beware..  It will probably be
rewritten once the screen mode WWW source hits the streets.

Here are the changes to the client:

Experimental MIME type is now supported. (Type 'M').

TN3270 type is now supported (Type 'T').

User can now escape from the Telnet/TN3270 connection screen.

Ctrl-g will abort you out of all prompts, ala emacs.

Added bookmark support and gopherrc file support.  Bookmarks can be
defined with the 'a' or 'A' key.  The first marks the item under the
cursor, the other marks the current directory.  Bookmarks are stored
in ~/.gopherrc, along with other configuration parameters.

Client now does nifty twirl output to let you know it's up to
something.  It currently does this for directorys (one twirl per
entry) and textfiles/cso searches (one twirl per 25 lines)  This
stuff is adapted from the panda code.

Added more information on connections.  It displays "connecting..."
before it displays "retrieving directory..."

Client beeps at you if you press the wrong keys now.

The client doesn't redisplay the menu when an invalid key is pressed.
Nice for people dialing in on 2400 bps lines.

Now linking in the new swanky gopher library.  I got tired of having
many different versions of the same code lying around.

Added fix from John Sellens that allows the user to escape from a CSO

Fixed problem with titles not being updated when moving back a level.

The client checks for environment variables for its configuration
information.  The following variables can be used:
    GOPHER_MAIL    The program to send mail with (must understad -s option)
    GOPHER_TELNET  The program to contact telnet services with.
    GOPHER_PLAY    The program to play sound from a pipe.
    GOPHER_PRINTER The program to print from a pipe.
This was all suggested and coded by Timothy M. Sigmon.

Fixed typos in error.c relating to vprintf and err_init, patch from
Jim Meyering.

Cleaned up the SYSVCURSES stuff.  You no longer need to specify
whether or not you're using System V curses.  Also fixed a problem
relating to Newline and KEY_ENTER confusion.  All in all the curses
code is cleaned up quite a bit.

Made the interface more consistent.  Pressing 'l' will let you enter
into and item (just like return and the right arrow..)  (Glenn F.

Here are the changes to the server:

Gopherd now moonlights as gindexd as well.  Usage is slightly
different though.  Instead of a -d flag, just add the database name to
the index_directory.

..cache files are ignored by the search engine routines.

Added utility "gopherls".  It's really just a link to gopherd.  But it
easily allows you to see what all the .Links, .caps, etc. will look
like, without constantly running a client.

Added the wais gateway functionality directly into the server.
To add a wais database put a link like this:


The server will automagically turn files ending in .src into
wais databases...  Mondo cool.

Made the server more agressive wrt caching. It will check the
modification times on the files in the directory and the .cap
directory before remaking the .cache file.  Mods from Earl Fogel.

Now linking in the swanky gopher library.  Now we can really have
shared code!

Added HTML support.  A gopher server can be now queried with a WWW
(World wide Web) client.  The server also understands html files and
can serve them up to WWW clients.  Note that this is different from
the built in support that WWW has for gopher servers, in that you can
add descriptive text to a directory listing by putting a .about.html
file in the directory.

Added an ftp gateway to the server.  Make a link with a path like
ftp:hostname at pathname.  This may not work on all systems...

When retrieving ranges of files the server outputs from which file
it's getting the data from..

Fixed bug with the variable inline in index.c

Changed behavior of logfiling...  When running non-inetd, the server
would hold the logfile open.  Deleting the logfile wouldn't free the
space.  The server now reopens the logfile for every request..

Added better hostdata support.  The server will now look for
<dbname>.hostdata before just the plain vanilla "hostdata".  Thus it
is now possible to have multiple indices in the same directory. (mic)

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