Physiological measures of anxiety on the Macintosh ??

Tony Travis ajt at puffin.doc.ic.ac.uk
Fri Jun 12 13:15:52 EST 1992

nigel at notmendel.Berkeley.EDU (Nigel Walker) writes:
: [...]
: I've watched people using Mac's for along time now... and I swear that the
: Mac can tell how anxious the opperator is: the faster the user's heart beat,
: the slower the mac runs.  The greater the importance of the information, the
: greater the likelyhood that the Mac will refuse to read it. And you want
: to quantify this phenomenom?    

I think the people who choose to use Macs are, in general, unaware of
what goes on inside the box.  Quite often they imply that the computer
has 'decided' not to read their disk etc. ;-(

PC users seem to have a much more rational appreciation of why their
machine is slow and how to go about improving its performance.  I think
this reflects the differences in attitude between Mac users and PC
users rather than differences between the machines.

: BTW: don't UNIX boxes cause far more anxiety?  {:-)

I've just watched a Mac IIsi user stare in disbelief at a Sun
SparcStation running Openwindows2 as I explained gently to him that
*this* was the network printserver/fileserver/computeserver running
netatalk under SunOS 4.1.1 in the background while I do image analysis
with a GUI on the console.

But Unix has a 'hostile' command line interface, he said ...

Yes, I replied - just like the 'recent' Mac scripting language for
system 7 (because you can't do _everything_ with a GUI).

Unix boxes don't make me anxious: they let my Mac friends relax while
the SparcStation takes the strain, and connects them to daresbury.ac.uk


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