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Peter J. Tonellato tone at biomath.mscs.mu.edu
Thu Jun 18 11:27:06 EST 1992

I have recently been introduced to the INSIGHT software on a
personal IRIS for use in a molecular modeling project I've been
asked to interact with. At this point I have NO experience on
SGI platforms and little experience with INSIGHT. However, I'm
convinced that I can learn enough in the next few months to put 
together a "demo" to show a mathematical modeling course that
I will teach next semester. My goal is to put together a point
and clic project that the students can work through (more-or-less)
on their own. I have several questions regarding
ease of use, other platforms and misc. details.

1.) What other platforms does INSIGHT run on? The IRIS is a
    stand-alone w.o. internet access. I have access to APOLLO,
    HP/APOLLO, SUN, PC's and X-terminals (all networked.) 

2.) Can INSIGHT be run remotely and if so does it have an X-window

3.) Is there a newsgroup devoted to computational molecular modeling
    (and visualization?)

4.) Does anyone have experience doing this sort of thing and if so
    how did they set up the project so students have reasonable

5.) Another goal is to try to set up the project so that they
    utilise a supercompeter resource (CRAY) to "optimize" the 
    terciary structure of a protein and then use the workstations to
    "play" with the visulaization. Anyone with experience who can 

Thanks in advance. 

(If asked I will summarize responses to the net.)

Peter J. Tonellato

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