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Thu Jun 18 17:51:14 EST 1992

2.  Software costs can be pretty misleading.  "Single seat"
    software (like on a PC or Mac) is usually very expensive when you
    do any sort of cost/user analysis.  For this reason, GCG is a great
    bargain at 3000/year (especially with > 100 users) compared to the PC
    and Mac options.  This also shows up in service contracts and the like
    - it's cheaper to maintain a couple of Vaxes or Unix boxes than an army
    of PCs.

expense is a relative term. If you are the one computer literate person
in a medium-sized lab your time will be used by everyone else to 
work with GCG, primarily because of the user interface. An advantage
of the micro programs is that they are similar enough to what people
are already using for word processing, etc., that they usually can
learn how to use them on their own. Compare the interface of something
like MacVector to GCG, particularly when it comes to generating fancy
output on the printer. If its your time that will be used by others
to do these these things, a micro program is a very good idea.

-Peter Markiewicz

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