Help Wanted - Sequence searches

nbr at ac.dal.ca nbr at ac.dal.ca
Fri Jun 19 09:53:20 EST 1992

Could someone please provide help on locating sequences in
GenBank/Swiss-Prot. Specifically, I don't know the locus names
or accession numbers for a small number of similar enzymes which
are (so I'm told) in the sequence databanks. 

I have obtained the keyword list files from GenBank by ftp, but
afterwards realized they are compressed for Unix handling.

I realize I could go to the original literature (via Medline if
I can beg access, or good old BioAbstracts), but surely there is
a simpler way via the Internet access?

Thanks for any help you can post here!

Bruce Ramsey, Ph.D.
Marine Gene Probe Laboratory
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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