Help Wanted - Sequence Searches

Dan Jacobson x-8453 danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Fri Jun 19 14:17:34 EST 1992

Bruce Ramsey writes:

>Could someone please provide help on locating sequences in
>GenBank/Swiss-Prot. Specifically, I don't know the locus names
>or accession numbers for a small number of similar enzymes which
>are (so I'm told) in the sequence databanks.

There are several ways that you can approach this, Gopher, IRX and mailserver.

If you have gopher installed on your system just type

gopher ftp.bio.indiana.edu

and go down to the Genbank directory, hit return, go down to the Genbank
searches subdirectory and hit return - then type in the names of the enzymes 
that you are looking for.  The results will be listed in the order of the most
keywords hit in each entry.  If you don't have gopher installed you can access
it by telnet:

telnet consultant.micro.umn.edu

login: gopher

then go to the Other Gopher servers directory, hit return, go to the North
America directory, hit return go down to the Indiana Bio-gopher directory
(number 11 or so I think) and hit return - now you are in the indiana site - 
follow directions as before.

If you don't want to use gopher you can telnet to genbank.bio.net and
login: genbank
password: 4nigms

There is online help describing IRX to take you from there.

IF you don't like either of the above options you can use the PIR mailserver
to search for keywords in PIR and Genbank/EMBL. To learn how to do this send
the one line message HELP to FILESERV at GUNBRF.BITNET.

There are pros and cons to all the methods mentioned but this is a good start.
You'll have more questions I'm sure so ask them as you come to them.
I'm not trying to answer every possible question in this message, just getting
you moving in right direction(s).

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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