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In article <1992Jun19.115320.6224 at ac.dal.ca>, nbr at ac.dal.ca writes:
|> I realize I could go to the original literature (via Medline if
|> I can beg access, or good old BioAbstracts), but surely there is
|> a simpler way via the Internet access?

Go for it with Gopher. GOPHER is a tool which is developed by the 
University of Minnesota. It easily attaches WAIS type indices to 
directory browsing, and permits to look for sequences in databases 
within the restriction of a fairly simple but yet effective tool. 
Pioneered by Don Gilbert in Indiana, there are many gophers in the biology 
area now which get you information on sequence databases. 
The following is the list of bio gopher servers as seen from Indiana: 

                         IUBio Biology Archive, Indiana University

    ->    1.  BIOFTP EMBnet Switzerland/
          2.  EMBnet BioInformation Resource EMBL/
          3.  Genes at genes.icgeb.trieste.it (under construction)/
          4.  INN, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)/
          5.  National Science Foundation Gopher/
          6.  PIR Archive, University of Houston (very experimental)/
          7.  University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical School/
          8.  Wide Area Info. Servers/
          9.  ftp archives/

As far as I know, the GENBANK is indexed available in Indiana, PIR in 
Houston, and EMBL and SWISSPROT in Switzerland. 

If you happen not to have gopher, get it by playing around with 

telnet consultant.micro.umn.edu

Connected to hafnhaf.micro.umn.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.

AIX telnet (hafnhaf)

IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6000
(C) Copyrights by IBM and by others 1982, 1990.

Login as gopher to access the Internet Gopher system
Login as anet if you are using IBM's anet system


Good luck! 


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