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In article <1992Jun19.144752.12609 at news2.cis.umn.edu> ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu (Ernest Retzel (1535 49118)) writes:
>With respect to the systems discussion, I agree with Reinhard, Dave and Bruce. 
>You will be far better served to be looking for systems people than by 
>trying to manage a system yourself.  What you get when you look for someone 
>with a Computer Science background is expertise and a skill level that is 
>extremely hard to find or develop.  Trying to do it yourself would be like 
>trying to create a molecular biologist out of an English Lit background: it 
>can be done, but...
[ .. Stuff deleted in the interest of saving bandwidth .. ]
>What you do get with a systems person like that is knowing what is current.
>The language of choice these days is C++; the windowing system beyond X is
>InterViews.  They also do not come cheap, nor should you expect them to.  There
>is just a different payscale for BS degrees in CSci with all the industry

I agree in principle with what you are saying, but would like to add my own
two cents.  

I don't believe that a CSci degree is necessary.  Better is a
person with primarily a physical science background that has an interest in
computers.  You will find that this person is more able to help you accomplish
scientific computing than the CS major will as he/she is more well rounded.
Even better would be a science major from a liberal arts school with an 
interest in computers.

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