Systems People

Hugh Chou hugh at wugate.wustl.edu
Mon Jun 22 13:01:53 EST 1992

Since I am one of those systems people, I heartily agree with everyone on the
merits of having one! :-) Having come out of corporate research as a systems
person there, I jumped at the chance to come to a university department and
run a facility of neat computers for biological analysis. As for funding, I
also manage the MicroVAX system for the departmental administration, and thus
I could come on as a full-time departmental staff member instead of being
tied to a specific research grant. The departmemt administrative support only
takes up maybe 20% of my time (plus we have, or at least had, a second computer
person to help support "the office" --  you can look for my May job posting in 
misc.jobs.offered !)  As for biological background, I was lucky enough to come
out of a corporate biological research background although my undergrad and grad
work was all in computers. I actually think it is better to find a system person
and having them learn the biology part as compared to the other way around..

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