Managing a molecular biology computer resource

David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Jun 23 09:23:28 EST 1992

elliston at msdrl.com (Keith Elliston) writes:
>As far as the system manager goes, I agree, most of us are Molecular
>Biologists that have "coverted".

One of the major challenges someone like me who trains graduate
students faces is advising them about their future career options.
Thus, I would like to ask the following questions to all readers of
this group:

How does a molecular biologist "convert" to a career to biocomputing?
How much training in molecular biology is optimum/minimum for the
position?  What training does one need on the computer end of
things?  What is the best way of obtaining this training?

At least one earlier poster who managed a system used by molecular
biologists argued that it was better to go from computer science and
pick up the biology than to go from biology and pick up the computer
science; comments?  Given this alternative path, what training in
computer science does one start with?

My intuition is that it is better to post than to email replies, as I
think this will be most useful as a discussion.  Don't worry about
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