bullock at lincoln.ac.nz bullock at lincoln.ac.nz
Tue Jun 23 21:09:25 EST 1992

Rather self-consciously, I would like to ask for help with the following:
By anon ftp I downloaded COMAP.ZIP and UNZIP.C.  After compiling unzip.c
I ran it on comap.zip and after a while it crashed with what my local guru
tells me was an access violation.  "This indicates a bug in the unzip program.
It is trying to read memory which has not been allocated to the program....
It is possible there is a problem with comap.zip, which triggers the bug.
The problem (with unzip).. occurs at the ReadByte function call within the
procedure extract_member."

I am working under VMS on a VAX cluster, and being new at ftping I did not
record from where I downloaded these programs.  I guess I am asking:

1.  Any anon ftp address from which anyone has downloaded working copies
	of COMAP or UNZIP to run under VMS.
2.  Any anon ftp address from which anyone has successfully downloaded
	with automatic uncompression (which I could not get to work on
	the one I tried).
3.  Any other occurrence of the above problem and a fix.
4.  Any better suggestion for getting a working copy of COMAP.

An e-mail reply would be appreciated.

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