Biologist/CompSci debate

Wed Jun 24 11:48:00 EST 1992

Maybe it is EASIER to teach a CS biology (I don't know, can anyone?). Is 
that really the answer to the questions being asked? Isn't motivation and 
personal interest more relevant (as Keith Elliston just pointed out)?

I thought Reinhards answer was very good advice for a biologist now interested
in computers. Todays biologist managers are a group of self-selected people
who were highly self-motivated in the days before CS courses were available to 

Some advice for CS interested in bioinformatics would inevitably have a 
different perspective. I would have thought they should take some 
molecular biology or genetics courses if available.

Cary O'Donnell

(Self taught computing 1977-80, after persuading a suspicious Computer manager
 that an undergraduate biologist really was interested in computers, despite
 the total lack of formal courses for them.)

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