NIH Image with Raster Ops XSTV?

James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com
Wed Jun 24 23:22:43 EST 1992


A while ago I asked about software to be used to count cell colonies,
and many people pointed me in the direction of a great freeware program
from the NIH called "Image".  This has turned out to be just what we

Now we have it running on a Quadra 700 with a Raster Ops XSTV 24-bit
frame grabber (for a microscope) and a MicroTek flatbed color scanner.
However, Image cannot directly drive this scanner, nor can it work
in 24-bit monitor mode.

So, my question is, does anyone know of a version of Image that will
work with this Raster Ops board or that will drive this scanner?

Thanks for any help,
Jim Kowalczyk                   James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com

Senior Research Chemist
Eisai Research Institute
Andover, MA   01810

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