Managing a molecular biology computer resource

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In article <BqDzE7.1n2 at acsu.buffalo.edu> diachun at acsu.buffalo.edu (Justin D Diachun) writes:

Justin's post is both interesting to read and illumnating.  I'm excerpting
a certain part, because I illustrates what I was trying to put across in
another post.

>I was fortunate enough to obtain a research position at the Center of
>Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition.  This is a huge
>project in the computer science department set up by a grant to build
>a real time address recognition unit that will be used by the US
>Postal Service.  My work was in the Handwritten ZIP Code Recognition
>project, writing programs in C for image processing.  I worked at
>CEDAR for two years and graduated with a BS in computer science.
>So this brings me to where I am now.  In the long term, I want to go
>back to biology in the form of biological computing, and hopefully
>support a molecular biology computer lab some day............
>Justin Diachun
>diachun at cs.buffalo.edu

Justin already has exposure and some training in biology.  What has left
him so "unsure" about how to prepare or fit in as a computerist in
molecular biology?

Given his academic record and work experience, I'm sure that if he wanted
to continue along the lines of that handwriting recognition area, he'd
"know" just how he'd fit in and what sort of further preparation he'd
need (if any).

If he mentions handwriting recognition for the Post Office to almost
anyone, they could grasp the significance and the purpose of _that_

What is the problem with "us" in biology?  

Justin--I suspect that you get positive responses over InterNet because
it is a self-selected audience of biologists who already accept the
notion that a computerist can make a contribution.  By definition, anyone
you have to communicate with by snail mail, has rejected using computers
AND telecommunications...otherwise you'd have emailed them.

Have a nice day!  :^)

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