Programming in BASIC

Nick Holford nholford at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz
Thu Jun 25 18:42:34 EST 1992

dangold1 at iastate.edu (Daniel M Goldman) writes:

>I am interested in exchanging programs and information regarding the BASIC programming language(s).  This includes programs, routines, tricks and traps, information on versions (GW, Quick, True, Instrument, Visual, etc.) and new uses, such as laboratory instrument control.  If there is no existing forum for such discussions already, perhaps we could use a BASIC newsgroup.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Yes - I would be interested in this topic. I have been using BASIC for
many years for non-linear regression (started with Applesoft - now I use
QuickBasic). All biology is non-linear, IMHO :-), so the only way to describe
biological data is with a non-linear model - all those linearizing 
transformations (Scatchard, Lineweaver Burke, Hill, Eadie, etc.) are 
guaranteed to give you a biased answer if you have any experimental error
unless by great luck your errors magically become homoscedastic after the
linearizing transform.

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