System managers and the stuff

Fri Jun 26 05:17:00 EST 1992

        How delighted I've been to read the last posting by K. Ellison !
That's THE realistic, pragmatic and lucid point of view .... It is too
frequent, disappointing and enervating to see all those computer hacks in
charge of a computing facility for biologists, forget that their task is to
HELP the biologists, not to drive a splendid machine that nobody can use !
        I don't know personnaly D. Gilbert, D. Davidson, C. Kristofferson
and all those nice people who always spend time to give good and useful
advices to the netters. I don't know whether they are biologists or
computer scientists, but they are certainly a good reference.
        Thanks to all of them.
J. L. Risler   Centre de Genetique Moleculaire   risler at frcgm51.bitnet

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