I need infos on DEC Infoserver

Fri Jun 26 12:30:00 EST 1992

        We are a rather large biol. lab. (about 200 people). I maintain
appr. 50 accounts on the VAX/VMS for those people who need GCG and the
rest. As you know there is no good query system in GCG --> we use XQS from
PIR, which is rather nice. However, the query and retrieval system for PC's
that is provided with the EMBL CD-ROM's is excellent (the Mac software
EMBL-Search is great). Of course, it is not conceivable to install 10-15
PC's, each with its CD unit and its EMBL CD.
        Hence: has anyone heard of a lab with a DEC "Infoserver" ? This
machine is supposed to give access to CD-ROMs to all the users of a
cluster. Moreover, if you have PC's at the site, connected to the Vax via
Ethernet and PATHWORKS, I understand that you can access the CD-ROM's from
your PC using its local software. This sounds quite nice ! One CD-ROM and
tens of PC's on it ... (I don't know the status for the Mac).
        This could also be of help for giving access to the bibliographic
system "ENTREZ" (everybody at the lab wants access to MEDLINE).
        Thanks for your help.
J.L. Risler     Centre de Genetique Moleculaire   risler at frcgm51.bitnet
                                                  bionet at frcgm51.bitnet

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