I need infos on DEC Infoserver

Zharkikh Andrey gsbs1022 at UTSPH.SPH.UTH.TMC.EDU
Fri Jun 26 12:51:47 EST 1992

J.L. Risler on BIONET at EARN.FRCGM51 asked:

>        We are a rather large biol. lab. (about 200 people). I maintain
>appr. 50 accounts on the VAX/VMS for those people who need GCG and the
>rest. As you know there is no good query system in GCG --> we use XQS from
>PIR, which is rather nice. However, the query and retrieval system for PC's
>that is provided with the EMBL CD-ROM's is excellent (the Mac software
>EMBL-Search is great). Of course, it is not conceivable to install 10-15
>PC's, each with its CD unit and its EMBL CD.

I know about a very good query system for VAX
(there is also a variant of it for UNIX IBM workstation)
developed by Manolo Gouy and others who is on the node
very similar with yours:


This system supports reformatted GenBank database and
allows to fulfil complicated queries.


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