Medline and Internet - any progress?

Nick Holford nholford at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz
Wed Jul 8 14:59:51 EST 1992

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of postings discussing
access to Medline. It seemed that folks in the USA had a variety
of cheap networks to use (capitalism and competition at work!).
Those on the other side of the oceans complained it was to expensive
to pay the telecom charges and had found it better to invest in
CD-ROM accessed via a LAN.

There are a lot people in my own University keen to use Medline and
facing the same problems. But we do have a cheap Internet link
so it would really help if Medline was accessible from Internet.
The Medline charges themselves are insignificant in comparison to
the communication overhead if we have to use commercial networks.

Does anyone have any idea if the people who run Medline have
considered access from Internet?
Or can anyone suggest an address to write to at the Natl.Lib.Med.
where I might get an understanding person to discuss this with?


Nick Holford, Dept Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
INTERNET: n.holford at aukuni.ac.nz

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