Medline and Internet - any progress?

Don Preuss donp at niaid.nih.gov
Wed Jul 8 17:41:54 EST 1992

nholford at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz (Nick Holford) writes:

>Does anyone have any idea if the people who run Medline have
>considered access from Internet?
>Or can anyone suggest an address to write to at the Natl.Lib.Med.
>where I might get an understanding person to discuss this with?
Medline is accesible via the internet. It is also available via 
Grateful Med via the internet. To use Grateful Med you need the
latest version, and there is an NCSA TSR that can be used.

Via telnet, Telnet to medlars.nlm.nih.gov.



>Nick Holford, Dept Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology
>University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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