software to analyse ELISA data?

Tue Jul 7 12:27:01 EST 1992

In article <19875.9206251044 at crc.ac.uk>, fwright at uk.ac.crc (Frank Wright) writes:
> Can anyone point me to software (pref. PC) to analyse 
> ELISA plate reader data.   I've checked PD software using
> ARCHIE and got a few hits with ELISA but not the for
> ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbant Assay) analysis.
> Commercial or PD software would be okay.  I'll post a
> summary of replies.

Dear Dr. Frank Wright
There is no. of papers in which computers program have been described, for
calculating the concentration of Ab/Ag from ELISA. These softwares have 
capability to read the ELISA plate directly, by interfacing the ELISA reader
to computer. Here I am including some refrences.

1. Caulfield, M. J. and Shaffer. D. (1984) Acomputer Program for the evaluation
of ELISA data obtained using an automated microplate absorbance reader. 
Journal of Immunological Methods 14, 205.
2. Mixter, P. F. etc (1986) A simple computer-assisted assay to detect isotype-
specific regulation of human immunoglobin synthesis. Journal of Immunological
methods 91, 195

Recently there is a paper accepted for publication in software notice of 
Journal of Immunological Methods, and probable would publish in July 92 
issue. This paper entitled "Calculation of antibody and antigen 
concentrations from ELISA data using a graphical method" written by G.P.S
Raghava, A.K. Joshi and J.N. Agrewala, describe a method and a GWBASIC program.
This program have following options,

a) The OD data obtained from ELISA plate can be inputed by interfacing a 
microplate reader to the computer.

b) The OD can be printed in 8x12 format.

c) It calculate the mean if samples on plate are in duplicate, triplicate etc.

d) Calculation of Ab/Ag concentration and optimization parameter etc.

This program is avilable from ftp site Jim.mscs.mu.edu under the directory


(G. P. S. Raghava)

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