Seeking XDAP Seminar Attendees

Howard Cash cash at uri.csmil.umich.edu
Thu Jul 9 09:06:01 EST 1992

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has attended the
XDAP course at Harrow (U.K.) on DNA Sequencing in an X-Windows
environment.  There is some interest in setting up a similar 
short course here at the University of Michigan but the original 
organizers are unwilling to divulge the names of any attendees.
Was the seminar a disaster?  According to Christine Bates, the 
higher-ups have decided that the names of the academics who 
attended are confidential.  Presumably this is because I am 
connected with a commercial company:  Heaven forfend that 
at the same time that we disseminate information about XDAP
here in the states, we might tell the researchers something that 
could lead them to consider doing some computing in an 
environment OTHER than X-Windows.  :)

If you have seen the system, and especially if you have been 
through the seminar, please email me directly or feel free to
phone.  I will summarize to the net.

-Howard Cash
cash at csmil.umich.edu
home 313-663-0156
work 313-769-7249

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