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Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at turbo.bio.net
Thu Jul 9 13:05:15 EST 1992

A paper titled "VNS Retriever: Querying MEDLINE over the Internet" by Kevin
Brook Long, Jerry Fowler and Stan Barber from Baylor College of Medicine was
delivered at Summer 1992 USENIX.  VNS Retriever is a X/Motif-based front-end
to various research tools, and the MEDLINE retriver is designed to front-end
MEDLINE much the same way that Grateful Med does.  The tool they designed used
the CNRI ABIDE gateway.

Their work was funded by NLM, and the authors can be reached at: 
klong at bcm.tmc.edu
gfowler at bcm.tmc.edu
sob at bcm.tmc.edu

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