AAtDB is now available

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Jul 10 18:20:49 EST 1992

AAtDB, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database, has been released. Announcements
have been posted to the bionet.announce and bionet.genome.arabidopsis
BioSci groups. 

If you cannot find one of these messages and are interested in AAtDB send
a message to curator at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu. 

AAtDB is the second genome database to use the ACeDB software. The
Caenorhabditis elegans database by the same name, ACeDB, is the
prototypical and exceptional collection of information using the ACeDB
software. ACeDB is an excelent general genome/biological database engine
written and maintained by Drs. Richard Durbin of the MRC-LMB in Cambridge,
England and Jean Thierry-Mieg of the CNRS in Montpellier, France. ACeDB is
available through the anonymous ftp archive of ncbi.nlm.nih.gov in the 
repository directory.

AAtDB is funded by the USDA Plant Genome Research Program through
the National Agriculture Library.

Mike Cherry
cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

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