Codon Usage Analysis

Minghsun Liu lmh at medg.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Jul 15 22:37:31 EST 1992

I am not sure if this is the right newsgroup to post too.  And
comments will be appreciated.

Recently, I was given the task of doing a codon usage analysis on
pseudomonas putida.  Except access to the net, I really don't have
much resources here.  (I am remotely logged in.)  My quesrtion is, as
a novice, what particular points should I look out for.  (I am
planning to pull out the data in GenBank and write a program to parse
and anlyze the data.)  Orr better yet, has there been an analysis like
this done?

Many thanx in advance!

- Minghsun Liu

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